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Runs from Friday March 19 2021 to Sunday March 21 2021

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Reno Little Theater Virtual Event
Virtual Event
Reno NV 89502

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Mirror, Mirror

You will be able to enter the live show on the designated date and time by signing into your online profile from our ticketing site.

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Characters don’t need modern day technology in this virtual fractured fairy tale — they have magic mirrors!

The Evil Queen wishes to be fairest of them all. But when her Magic Mirror informs her that it is Snow White who is most fair, the queen is livid! The Evil Queen summons great magic in hopes of finding Snow White — she can now look through all mirrors throughout the kingdom. But there’s a catch… The magic also allows everyone else’s mirrors to show them what they most wish to see.

While the Evil Queen is hunting down Snow White, who’s living with the seven dwarves, Beauty sees the Beast who has taken her father prisoner Repunzel gets a glimpse of the real world and Cinderella connects with her Fairy Godmother so she can dance at the ball. Spoiler alert: all the stories end happily-ever-after!

**Please note, this is a virtual performance. Tickets must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the event begins, it will stream directly to your ticketing account. Please further note, the livestream is only available for 6 hours, after the event begins.**

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