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Friday June 18 2021 at 7:00 PM PDT
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If They Could Talk

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Taylor quickly learns to navigate a world in which the objects and animals around her talk back. It all starts with the sassy feline, Mittens, who has a list of demands including better food & a better name (seriously, who names their cat "Mittens?"). Taylor then discovers how a pan of brownies really feels about being a midnight snack. It's the kind of dream-like interaction you might expect from... midnight snacks. After the family has gone to bed, the adventures continue as a fork, knife, and spoon anxiously await a wash cycle & debate their fate. Audiences of all ages will delight in the playful fun of this lighthearted one-act. 

**Please note, this is a virtual performance. Tickets must be purchased at least 15 minutes before the event begins, it will stream directly to your ticketing account.**


Reno Little Theater Virtual Event
Virtual Event
Reno NV 89502


This is a virtual theater performance. There is no seat selection.